Augmented Reality

Our Defenders of DystopAI are next level.

Using the AR tool below, you can bring your Defenders out of the metaverse, and into our universe.



Having trouble? Refer to the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.

Please note: The use of this tool is subject to the Defenders NFT Licence, which you can access here. In particular, some IP rights belong to the owner of each Defender NFT, so make sure you’re respecting other holders’ rights if considering publicly posting Defenders you don’t own.

Step 1:

Enter your Defender number, tap generate, then tap the view button

Step 2:

Pan your phone (can take up to 15 seconds)

Step 3:

Resize, rescale, rotate - then take your picture or video


01 Some older phones can take up to a minute to load the model into AR, give it some time

02 After 60 seconds, If the model does still not load into AR, pan a full 360 degrees of your environment

03 If you are an iPhone user, make sure you are using Safari