750 AI-generated landscapes minted on 20 January 2022: this collection depicts scenes from the apocalypse and lets holders create Monthly Morphs. 


4,500 of the the world’s first AI-infused 3D characters: the Defenders of DystopAI are the saviours of the apocalypse.


We have created an alternate, apocalyptic reality whereby the moon has disappeared. This brave new world is comprised of four cataclysmic continents, with a treacherous ocean that divides them, acting as a natural peacekeeper to the realm.

Each of these lands have fallen afoul to a series of natural and unnatural disasters, giving rise to unique environments, inhabitants and social structures.

These pieces are minted as a separate, tradeable, community collection. This utility is unique to our 750 genesis NFTs and under no circumstances will be extended to further assets. Find out more in our FAQs.


An intergalactic task force whose sole purpose is to bring salvation to planets in turmoil, the Defenders are metaverse-compatible, playable 3D characters that will traverse ‘levels’ within the apocalypse. All Defenders are AR-compatible, and you can see prototype Defenders in AR right now.

They have formed squadrons and have allocated themselves across the five realms of DystopAI, working to restore social order and protect the remaining population. 

Morphed Defenders utility will launch in Q3 2022, after migration to Polygon is complete.


Holders of any piece in the DystopAI universe will be granted the privilege of access to one of the most collegial and creative communities on Polygon, full commercial rights to their assets and access to all core elements of the DystopAI universe.

In addition, each collection will grant its own unique utility.


Each month, Genesis holders are granted the opportunity to tap into our AI and create their own works of art. These pieces are minted as separate, tradeable, community collections on Luart. This utility will not be extended to future assets.

Genesis holders whom also hold a collaboration partner NFT (e.g. HellCats, Skeleton Punks, etc…) will be entitled to receive free collaboration airdrops that will be minted into a collaboration contract and made tradeable. This utility will not be extended to future assets.

Access to an exclusive area in the DystopAI metaverse; a central hub to hang out, exchange ideas and have first access to alpha.

Each dystopAI Genesis NFT and Monthly Morph NFT will entitle holders to whitelist spots for future DystopAI mints.


Holders will be able to ‘re-skin’ their Defender by lighting up their Defender’s energy veins with custom AI art.

Re-skinning will require burning a DystopAI Monthly Morph NFT. See more in our Morphed Defenders teaser video.

Defenders have been built from the very beginning to be metaverse compatible and will be playable within metaverse spaces. Our leading metaverse partnership will be with Lunaverse – watch out for further details soon!

Every Defender will be assisted by the latest AR technology to explore not just the DystopAI universe, but our world too. You can see prototype Defenders in AR right now!

There will be global scavenger hunts, competitions and more.

Defenders are built with fully compatible 3D models that will be made available to all Defenders NFT holders.

All holders will have the opportunity to 3D print their Defender and some lucky holders will win free printed Defenders.

A magician never reveals his secrets – we have some extra Defenders utility hidden up our sleeves. Stay tuned.




Community Building

Built a loyal community of like-minded, creative lunatics - all through organic channels

Creative Collaborations

Shared the power of Al with the wider terra community, undertaking several large-scale collaborations



Genesis Mint

Released 750 genesis dystopAl NFTs to our community, selling out in under 20 seconds



Monthly Morphs

Launched the monthly morphs initiative to genesis holders, with season one now live on Luart

AI Functionality Expansion

Expanded the functionality of Monthly Morphs, now offering genesis holders six unique morph products

Collaborations and Partnerships

Continued to undertake creative collaborations with frontier projects such as the Hell Cats and Skeleton Punks

Lore & Storytelling Initiatives

Developed the lore and depth of our universe through our flag ship lore competition



Defenders of DystopAI

Release the Defenders of DystopAI

3D Model Source File Release

Release 3D model source files to Defenders holders and finalise transfer of full commercial rights to assets


Surprise utility to be revealed shortly after mint.



Augmented Reality

Kick-start augmented reality initiative and commerce treasure hunts, competitions and more

3D Printing

Commence 3D printing to enable Defenders holders create a physical edition of their Defender

Royalties to Charity

Commence ongoing donation of a portion of all DystopAI royalties to charity

Morphed Defenders

Defenders holders will gain the ability to morph the energy veins on their Defenders with custom AI art - keep an eye out for further details on this utility prior to mint



Metaverse Compatibility

Enable metaverse-compatibility for Defenders

Explore the Apocalypse

Create metaverse environments for the DystopAI universe, allowing all DystopAI holders to explore the DystopAI apocalypse together

Metaverse Gallery

Create a metaverse gallery of the Genesis collection as a hub for all holders to interact



The Road Ahead

We cannot see all the way into the future, but we can assure you that this will not be the end of the road...